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Skin-Smart® beauty teas help to protect and take care of skin from within. Blended to help support the detoxifying effect of abundant plant-based polyphenol antioxidants, a strong tool in skin recovery and the fight against visible signs of skin aging, Skin-Smart is a delicious way to promote a more youthful looking and feeling appearance. Embrace a daily ritual of inner beauty and outer glow.

Included tea types: Green Tea, Herbal Tea, White Tea

Perfect for: green tea lovers. health-conscious.

Skin-Smart® Single Steeps® Sampler
Skin-Smart® Single Steeps® Sampler
three each of the following blends: Cherry Marzipan, Cucumber Mint, Honey Yuzu, Lychee Coconut, Swiss Apple
S$ 36.38

Teas in this collection


Special reserve green tea with the tart-sweet lushness of acerola cherries and the depth of nutty toasted almond.


Special reserve green tea with invigorating cool notes of cucumber fruit and fresh mint, with the taste of sweet, succulent blueberries.


Special reserve honey tea with bright exotic citron flavor of sweet-tart yuzu.


Rare white tea with the exotic tropical notes of sweet lychee and the intoxicating fragrance of fresh cut coconut.


Naturally caffeine-free rooibos tea with the taste of fresh crisp apples, the euphoric flavor of delicious, deep dark Alpine chocolate, and a tingle of cinnamon.

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