Many of our teas, over 50 blends and growing, are certified Kosher. Our production facility is also Kosher certified. Please use this page to shop exclusively for Kosher certified tea blends. While not all our teas are Kosher, we strive to make as many of our offerings certifiable under the regulations of kashrut, the set of Jewish dietary laws. You may download a copy of our official Kosher Certificate HERE (PDF).

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A rooibos herb blend of sweet berries and blossoms.

from S$ 0.00

A double delight of apricot and peach with notes of almond.

from S$ 0.00

Deep chocolate decadence with the enticement of mint.

from S$ 68.20

The distinct, sweet taste of Moro "deep blood orange".

from S$ 29.60

Succulent blueberries with a subtle wisp of sage.

from S$ 0.00

Rich Imperial spices for a flavorful cup of exotica.

from S$ 34.00

Creamy caramel and toasty hazelnut with a buttery finish.

from S$ 29.60

A rich, robust black tea with exotic spices.

from S$ 48.00

Tart-sweet acerola cherries and nutty toasted almond.

from S$ 34.00

Deep chocolate taste with a floral finish.

from S$ 29.60

A refreshing tea with peppermint and citrus.

from S$ 40.00

Finest cacao infused with fennel, licorice and cardamom.

from S$ 124.90